I dont have synesthesia, I wish I did.. From my research it seems like a beautiful experience of the senses. I hear it can also be overwhelming at times. It has been a extremely helpful tool for artist and can help in their choosing of different sounds, colors, and textures for a piece. In this post I want to focus on colors. For those of you like me who were born with the traditional "5 senses" there is a way to manipulate color to your advantage. (and no, it does not involve mind altering psychodelics) Instead, all it takes is an understanding of color theory and the emotions of colors. For my makeup artist or art student readers this may be a familiar topic to you. This subject takes me back to my days as a makeup artist student. I took a class all about color theory and mixing traditional colors (ROYGBIV) in order to create a flesh tone color. (its a lot harder than it sounds) later on in my own personal research I read a book on the universal emotions of color. Ive used this knowledge ever since to help create a vibe that best suits the project im working on.

Whether its a music video, a cover art, styling a model, or painting your living room, the colors you choose will have an effect on your emotions and will translate into a universal vibe.This is why advertisements, products on a shelf, and fast food chains are so bright and vivid, they are trying to bring out a specific emotion in you that will make you purchase just about anything. 


Each color has a postive spectrum, and a negative spectrum.

EX: Many people associate blue with sadness, but it can also mean calmness...the list goes on.

The chart below shows the emotional range of each color, use this chart as a reference for your next project.



Last year, I directed a photo shoot called 'HYSTERIA'. I knew I wanted to use color theory to portray a large range of emotions. In fact, I wanted to use all colors ( ROYGBIV) in some way. For some pictures, one color dominates the emotion. For other pictures there is a split of colors, which to me represent mixed emotions, or a cocktail of emotions that can stir up inside of us from time to time. Click here to learn more about the 'HYSTERIA" shoot.


There are infinite combinations of colors and emotions, and how we use them will reveal the emotions we want others to feel. Using color or the lack of color ( more on that in another post ) can speak universally even to those who dont share the same language as you. Colors truly bring us all together!





Over the past few months I have been diving deep into the world of storyboarding. For years I have created worlds and characters in my head. I used to put headphones in and blast music; I would close my eyes and escape to another world, a world I created on the spot. Growing up I was banned from watching MTV and VH1. My exposure to music video culture was limited. Creating these alternative music worlds in my head was out of necessity. When I was finally old enough to expose myself to music video culture I realized just how hypersensitive to details I had become. This urge to create stories within music videos (especially for one of my favorite genres, rap and hiphop) stuck with me for years to come. I am finally manifesting a chance for me to scratch that itch. These past few months have really shown me just how much I enjoy storyboarding and the process of it all. For me, storyboarding a direction for a music video begins the same everytime...

  1. LISTEN - listen to the music over and over and over....and over again.

  2. DISECT THE MUSIC - after giving a song many listens I like to write down keywords I hear, emotions, vibes, colors, quirks in the beat... anything my hypersensitive brain can pick up on.

  3. FORM THE STORY & CHARACTERS - Sometimes an artist will make this very easy (especially if a song tells a vivid story and is very descriptive) other times a more abstract approach is taken. Both can be great. I like using those keywords, emotions, colors, and quirks within the song to help form the look and personality of a character, as well as the surroundings (aka world) that character lives in.

  4. VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS - This is a great time to draw out, or find visuals via the internet (Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Youtube) to act as visual aids / reminders of what I am seeing in my head. It could be inspiration from a video/ photoshoot I once saw,  a pantone color I really like, or a camera angle that provides a vibe, etc...

  5. STORYBOARDING - At this point I put these visuals and drawings into the sequence of events that will eventually be filmed, and acted out. Sometimes I like to play off  each scene and change in the beat (sometimes I like to do this in step one) in order to have a better understanding of when its time to transition into the next scene.


For me, storyboarding is a combination of different arts that come together to tell a story. A story board can be as simple or as complicated as it needs to be, as long as the sequence of events ( aka story ) come through in the representation.

The story board example I used above is a part of my latest project bloom. You can watch the music video, & the behind the scenes footage to see how it all pieced together. click here to watch!


Here in the underground music and art scene of Orlando there has been a song that first popped up in the open mic scenes and has since become a fan favorite of mines and many. That song is Bloom, by The Mike Wilson

My approach with bloom began with giving the song a good listening. Then repeating that step about a hundred times. What I love about Bloom is how vivid of a picture Mike is able to paint with his words. The story telling...The innuendos...This song is poetry. I began to think about the beauty in the life cycle of a flower. Flowers, especially flowers blooming have so many meanings. In this song it relates more to the female orgasm, which is lit...but I wanted to draw out other meanings. To me, The life cycle of a flower from seedling, to blooming, and eventually dying reminds me of relationships. Relationships always start small, like a seed, have a moment of beauty, and then for some, it eventually withers away and makes room for something new.

This was the foundation on which the Bloom music video was built. This is where Ricardo Cruz and I started bouncing ideas off of each other. The directing and story-boarding process had begun. We mapped out the entire song & presented it to Mike and a couple of his closest friends. It was almost go-time, all we needed was to cast the rest of our creative team. We chose Denequee Samuels , an actress and close friend of mike's to play alongside him in the music video. We brought on Brill Adium to work the camera, and video editor Corbin to spice up the scenes for us.

With the team fully assembled and MADHOUSE fully packed, it was time to do the damn thing! I let the cast and crew of bloom pass around a cam corder and record all the behind the scenes madness that went down. I have to say the day of the shoot was one of the funniest cast and crew situations I have been in. We laughed, we danced, we ate guac till it came out of our ears. A perfect example of why I call my behind the scenes MADNESS ;) This was my first time directing a music video, which I knew would come with moments of excitement, turmoil, and flexibility. Looking back, everything good or bad happens for a reason. Experience is my greatest teacher!


Special thanks to the cast and crew that helped make this project possible!