Over the years of my "figuring it out" artist career I have done many things, and played many roles.  After a few years of wearing hats like "make-up artist", "emergency stylist" for sets and models, co-director,  and "hype woman" for some of the more timid artist, I began to feel comfortable thinking on my feet. Diving deeper into each indivual aspect of creating a story with a message and meaning,  and learning how to respect art for the simplicity and complexity that it is. I have mainly been known as a make-up artist but as I shed that role and take on the role of directing I welcome the many places it might take me.  Most recently my mind has manifested an idea about brainwash. The idea that although it seems we have "free will" many sinister things are surrounding us. Infiltrating and seducing our minds on a daily basis.

All i needed at this point were some creative people to help me pull it off..





Without these guys, the ideas I had been writing down and sketching like a mad mind would have been for nothing. Creating a project that everyone felt passionate about was something I had been longing to do . If you havent already, check out the official pics for