Over the last 3 years I have popped in and out of the music and art scene to support and work with musicians, photographers, and models local to the scene. These past few fall /  winter months have been electric with inspiration and hustle. What better way to close off this year than one last show featuring a handful of my favorite orlando rappers. This time around I worked with graphic designer Ricardo Cruz in the hopes to make a flyer that represented the talent on the show, as well as the brands hosting the event. We brought this project to the "MADHOUSE" to see where we could take this.  





Our approach was "ransom letter meets rager!" We began gathering the typical things you might see on the floor of a party after a rager ; Cigarettes, crushed beer cans, bottle caps etc.. We spent two days ripping through magazines hoping to find the perfect letters for the title. In the end a good finished product always comes down to the details. Not everything we gathered was used, but I always think its best to bring in all your ideas, and edit from there.




At the MADHOUSE we lit and shot pics of all of our ideas and then ricardo cruz worked his graphic design magic to add life into this piece! Shout out to  Noxcape Studios, TSA Showcase and all of the talent on this flyer, it was our passion for all of you that made making this flyer so much fun!